Our qualified tea tasters work tirelessly to identify and sample the finest tea leaves from Sri Lanka and popular tea-growing regions around the globe. Only the best single-origin fair-trade teas are selected for our extraction process, to ensure the purity, wholesomeness and intensity of our final product.

Most of our teas hail from the seven main tea-growing regions of Sri Lanka that are clustered along the island’s coasts, hills and mastiffs.

We use only single-origin teas because they embody the characteristics of the areas that they are grown in, resulting in strong, rich and intense flavors. Unique climate zones, changes in elevations and soil quality produce a diverse range of teas that vary by region. The teas of Kandy emulate soft coppery hues, whilst the teas of Uda Pussellawa are tangy with a hint of rose.  The Nuwara Eliya region yields tea that is often full of body and orange and golden in colour and Uva teas are known for their mellow, smooth quality. Dimbulla teas have a distinct freshness to them and teas from the region of Sabaragamuwa are dark yellow and brown with a reddish tint that is often accompanied with a hint of caramel. Ruhunu teas are grown near the coasts of Sri Lanka and have a distinctly unique flavor.

Our Sri Lankan teas also have the prestige of being coined under the world-famous banner of Ceylon Tea. Known for its quality and heritage for centuries, Ceylon Tea is grown and processed entirely in Sri Lanka, in conformity with strict quality standards that are administered by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Aside from using Ceylon Tea, we also use teas from popular tea-growing regions across South America, Africa and Asia.