We make ethical living an essential part of everything we do. Our close-to-source model is built on ensuring ethical operations in four key areas of our business. This helps us to ensure that whilst we are focused on making profits, we also remain a holistically ethical organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact on communities, our employees and the planet. 

Ethical Partnerships:
We encourage ethical practices throughout our supply chain, and help many estates we directly deal with to achieve global standards of ethical practice.

Ethical Environmental Practices:
Everyday we strive towards our goal of reaching  a zero carbon footprint process for our premium tea extracts. This includes making sure that all our waste is 100% recycled and re-used. We strive to achieve this by ensuring the following:

Zero process waste– Our waste solids are used as organic fertilizers by our partner estates and thereby we give back to the plants that give us their extracts. All waste water is treated and re-used in the production process and for irrigation purposes. Nothing goes to waste.
Ozone friendly – All of our premium Ceylon tea leaves that are used in the extraction process are 100% ozone-friendly. Single-origin Ceylon Tea is arguably the only tea that has this distinction and is certified as such under the Montreal Protocol on greenhouse gases.
Efforts towards sustainable power – Ethical Extracts is striving towards one day generating all of its power via sustainable means (i.e. solar power, etc.).

 Ethically Natural: All our extracts are 100% natural without any added sugars or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are also 100% water based and do not contain any alcohols or solvents. Our extracts are as close to how nature made them as possible and a commitment to natural extracts is an important part of our business promise.

Ethical Economic Development: Whilst we are a relatively new company, we are passionate about spearheading rural economic development in the areas where we operate. It is our priority to ensure that the communities and people who supply our tea, are uplifted together with the tea they produce. In this regard, we consciously work towards contributing to agrarian based micro enterprises in rural Sri Lanka. We strongly believe that micro enterprises are the key to empowering communities and ensuring the economic development of rural areas.