1.    Isn’t brewing tea for iced teas more natural that using extracts?

Whilst brewing tea for RTD Tea beverages would mimic what you would do at home, the end beverage is in fact quite different. The reason being that when you brew the tea yourself, you can smell the fresh delicious aroma of the tea, which is not prevalent when you used brewed tea for bottling. Our world-class extraction process uses science to not only capture the flavor at its more potent stage within hours from the estates themselves, but also captures the all-natural tea aroma that would otherwise be lost in a traditional brewing process. What this means is that using our premium tea extracts gives you the most ‘natural flavors, colors, and aromas’ that can be used for ready-to-drink beverages. Given that we don’t add any sweeteners, colors, flavors, or artificial preservatives, using our extracts is the next best thing to drinking a tea beverage using leaves that have been freshly plucked yourself!

2.    What is the‘close-to-source’ model that is used by Ethical Extracts?

Globally, flavor companies and bottlers uses tea fannings/dust/leaves that have been shipped thousands of miles and across various middlemen for their extracts. Our custom designed innovative ‘close-to-source’ model gives us the ability to directly work with some of the world’s best estates and choose the best teas for extraction to be done just a few hours away from the estates themselves. This supply chain streamlining allows us to provide arguably the world’s best tea extracts at efficient costs. What this means is that the consumer is drinking a higher quality fresher beverage without impacting his/her wallets whilst simultaneously being environmentally and socially responsible!

3.    Are Ceylon Tea extracts the only tea extracts that you produce?

No. We are linked up with one of the world’s largest tea leaf exporters and thus have the ability and to source and supply one of the widest varieties of multi origin teas as well. Talk to us to find more and specific requirements.

4.    Do you do any other natural premium extracts other than tea?

Yes we do! We do natural coffee extracts, spice extracts, naturally flavored tea extracts (E.g. cinnamon tea, earl grey, peppermint green tea, etc.), and many more! Contact us today to learn more.